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Anti-discrimination bill causes uproar

Anti-discrimination bill causes uproar

Mae Wood, Staff Writer

April 8, 2016

“The law is hateful and the rush to pass it violated any chance of democratic deliberation,” said Associate Professor of Political Science Maria Rosales. On Feb. 22, the city of Charlotte had expanded upon its anti-discrimination laws to protect people victimized based on gender identity or sexual...

Community wants to fight voter ID law

Mae Wood, Staff Writer

April 1, 2016

Over 218,000 voters were denied the right to vote in the North Carolina primaries due to the state’s new voter ID laws. These changes have restricted a number of people living in North Carolina from voting for their preferred candidate. The outcome was that the Democratic winner was Hillary Clinton...

Low voter turnout impacted NC by turning away voters

The Editorial Board

March 25, 2016

On March 15, North Carolinians were given the first chance to weigh in on the presidential race as well as state and local races. Precincts around North Carolina opened their doors for the state primary. By this point, we all know that the Tar Heel State chose Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as its...

NC voters want Trump, Clinton

Meghana Iragavarapu, Staff Writer

March 25, 2016

For the 2016 North Carolina primaries 2,302,076 out of 6,511,143 possible ballots were cast. On March 15, voters selected candidates for local, state and federal offices. With all 2,709 precincts reporting, Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primary with 40.24 percent of votes and Hillary...

Oregon calls for a rise in the minimum wage

Carson Risser, Staff Writer

March 4, 2016

What if the minimum wage in North Carolina increased more than 70 percent? Instead of $7.25 an hour, you could make $12.50 an hour. That is the difference between the federal minimum wage, which North Carolina adheres to, and the new minimum wage Oregon plans to implement by 2022. Oregon has proposed...

Staff Editorial: North Carolina laws hurt community, whistleblowers

Editorial Board

February 19, 2016

With the inspiring rise in civilian-reported injustices recorded on smartphones, we would hope that our representatives in government would choose to protect the rights of whistleblowers. With rising awareness of poor conditions in the food industry, we would hope they would protect employees in the ...

Pay attention to policies before primaries

Tessa Wood, Staff Writer

February 19, 2016

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, giving millions of Americans access to affordable health insurance. What people do not know is that Massachusetts laid the groundwork for the ACA through statewide health care reform years before. “Most people don’t pay any attention to politics at all,...

Panthers ready to play this Super Bowl Sunday

Patrick Cassidy & Reese Setzer, Staff Writer & Sports Editor

February 5, 2016

This is a National Football League matchup that was just waiting to come alive. On one side, you have the surging Carolina Panthers with only one loss to their name on the season. On the other side, you have a Denver Broncos team out to prove their Super Bowl worth. Both teams have come a long...

Teen leads charge against climate change

Nicole Zelniker, World & Nation Editor

December 4, 2015

After experiencing a disappointing defeat for climate justice, 13-year-old Hallie Turner has decided to keep fighting. “It’s an issue that I’m always going to continue trying to make a difference in,” said Turner in a phone interview with the Miami Herald. “There’s lots of next steps that can be taken.” On Nov. 25, North Carolina ruled ...