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No to fast lanes, yes to net neutrality

No to fast lanes, yes to net neutrality

Lily Lou, Staff Writer

September 26, 2014

Do you prefer Netflix or Hulu Plus? Well, if you have Comcast you may be better off using Netflix. In February, Netflix paid Comcast to speed up its service. This happened after a federal appeals court eliminated the Federal Communication Commission’s authority to establish net neutrality rules. “At...

IT&S raises bandwidth, sets limits on Netflix

Valeria Sosa, Staff Writer

May 2, 2014

Someone is stealing the Internet on campus. The culprit? Netflix. IT&S reports that Netflix, Hulu and YouTube are congesting the network and impacting class productivity. “Like all higher education institutions, we wrestle with the constantly increasing demands on internet bandwidth for all...

‘Orange is the New Black’: Revelation or exploitation?

Olivia Werner, Staff Writer

September 13, 2013

This July, Netflix released its original series “Orange is the New Black.” Soon thereafter, Netflix subscribers picked up the show and raved about the diverse cast and portrayal of queer women. That is, until the media slandered the show for being ridden with what they called racial stereotyping. While...