The Guilfordian

Hodgins Retreat plans to rezone into wooded area

April 19, 2013

On March 27, Hodgins Retreat developer Randall Dixon drafted a proposal to extend the apartment complex adjacent to campus. Denied once by the Zoning Commission in December 2012, Dixon seeks to merge...

Staff Editorial: Taking a stand against the Hodgins Retreat expansions

April 19, 2013

On any given spring day at Guilford, students can take a walk in the wooded area, from all the way behind the lake up to Hodgins Retreat Apartments. This peaceful, picturesque atmosphere that distinguishes...

Things get heated at Hodgins Retreat: safety issues arise

October 5, 2012

Fights, sexual assaults, and weapons, oh my! What exactly has been going on at the Hodgins Retreat Apartments lately? One student witnessed a heated fight at Hodgins on the night of Sept. 29. “Basically...

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