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I compiled all the tea behind ‘Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ so you’re spared

Jiya Patel, Guest Writer October 14, 2022

As many of you probably know, the quality of Netflix content in the past few years has been almost as bad as month-old bananas. A new Netflix release that indicates this drop-in rate is "Dahmer-Monster:...

Marilyn Monroe was on the cover of hundreds of tabloids over her short-lasting career, many jumping at the drama surrounding her marital status.

‘Blonde’: still exploiting Marilyn Monroe 60 years after her death

Mary-Elizabeth Wicker, Staff Writer October 14, 2022

Forced abortions, a talking fetus and a largely fictional story. Netflix's "Blonde" is based on a novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, which, the author stressed in an interview, was not meant...

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