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New cyber security major aims for ethics

November 20, 2015

As society endures the joys and complications of technological advancement, the ethical dilemmas we face remain. At their monthly meeting on Nov. 4, Guilford College faculty approved a new cyber and network...

Colleges may be held accountable for student concussions

December 5, 2014

Student athletes risk their long-term health on the field while at Guilford College for our entertainment. “I think that it’s more difficult to be a college football player in this day and age than...

Fossil fuel divestment movement gains momentum

Fossil fuel divestment movement gains momentum
May 2, 2014

Twenty-six religious institutions, 22 cities, two counties, 11 colleges and universities, 19 foundations and several other institutions have committed in some form to divest from fossil fuels. Characterized...

Students seek to divest from troublesome investments

April 25, 2014

Anyone can talk about the values they support, but how many people can say they put their money where their values are? Not many, and that is why four Guilford College students — junior Julia Draper,...

Ethics, not corruption, should govern politics

February 7, 2014

There is a term that is often thrown around after such incidents as the recent “Bridgeghazi” and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s egregious cronyism — “ethics,” specifically, “political...

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