First-year swimmer Lucas McCrory has big goals for 2016

Lucas McCrory is a first-year student at Guilford College, a swimmer aiming for the Paralympics of 2016, and a brother of 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Nick McCrory.
Having swum for about six years now, McCrory competes and practices in the sport for keeping in shape as well as for enjoyment.
“I love it. It just clears your mind of everything,” he said.
“He’s always motivated, and always smiling, whether it be during a hard exercise or on deck,” said his swimming instructor Andrew Harbuck.
McCrory also enjoys competing and aspires to do so in the 2016 Paralympics. The Paralympics takes place every two years just after the Summer and Winter Olympics, and presents an opportunity for athletes with physical disabilities to compete internationally. Having a mild form of dwarfism, called hypochondroplasia, has not stopped McCrory from competing.
“I definitely hope to be an inspiration to other people with disabilities,” McCrory said.
The Guilford student went to the 2012 Paralympic trials. He improved many of his times there and came in second place in the 100 meter free, but he did not make it to the actual competition.
“What happens when you go to the Paralympic (trials), you have to be medically evaluated,” said his mother Ana McCrory. “They put you into a classification, trying to even the playing field, so that the people competing have the same sorts of disabilities, and no one has more of an advantage.”
Swimmers are classified from S-1, most disabled, to S-10 which is least disabled. McCrory was in the S-7 classification.
“I just hope to keep training,” he said and now shoots for 2016.
McCrory was able to go London for this year’s Summer Olympics where he found his brother’s success very motivational.
“It was pretty exciting to see him accomplish his goal,” said McCrory. “A lot of people comment about how it’s cool that we’re both involved in the Olympics and Paralympics.”
“It’s wonderful,” his mother said about her sons. “The best part about it is that they’re doing the thing they love. … It’s enhancing their lives. It’s helping them become better athletes, but also better people.”
While he waits and practices for 2016, McCrory claimed that his goals while at college were not only to graduate, but also to get involved with various clubs and activities around the campus.
“I love (Guilford),” he said. “I love (the) environment, the people. I love everything.”
“I’m still kind of undecided (about my major),” said McCrory. “I’m thinking maybe business.” If not business, McCrory said he might consider nursing due to his parents’ involvement in medical fields.
Another significant goal for McCrory holds is to create a men’s swim team at Guilford, where the pool was removed in 2009. He says the team could practice at the Greensboro Aquatic Center instead.
To spread the word he said that he plans to “just go to my friends, see if anyone is interested, and hopefully that will get the word out.”