Staff Editorial: Top 10 reasons to join the Guilfordian, from the ed board’s perspective

With the end of the semester approaching, The Guilfordian’s editorial board is looking for new student writers, editors and photographers for the spring of 2023!  We at The Guilfordian need all of the help with our long-standing newspaper that we can get. (Many of our editors are graduating in May, and we always welcome new faces!) So, we put together a list of 10 reasons why you should join our fun-loving and hardworking team.

    1. You’ll build friendships. The Guilfordian is a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean you have to work alone. When you join the team, you’ll meet other students from different backgrounds, and it’s likely that you’ll find common interests, whether you’re a big reader and musical theater fan like Calley or a NASCAR expert like Jake. Getting to work with other students who share a passion for writing, editing and creating is a privilege, so take advantage of the opportunity!
    2. You’ll gain work experience. When many people are in college, they work on building up their résumé in preparation for what happens after graduation. Working on The Guilfordian will look very good on your résumé because you’ll be able to demonstrate communication and writing chops, skills that many employers are looking for nowadays. 
    3. It’s a great creative outlet. Writing doesn’t have to be stiff and dull. Working to find ways to bring events to life on a page is a good way to exercise your creative muscles. Plus, if you write features or opinion pieces, you get more leeway to play around, hone and really show off your writing skills.
    4.  It’s a good way to learn about the world around you. Nothing makes you more motivated to learn about something than having a deadline to learn it. Writing about a campus club or an event going on in the world can be a good excuse to go research something you want to learn about. So when your friends ask you why you’re talking to some random club president or watching news coverage of something going on in Idaho, you can say it’s official Guilfordian business.
    5. You’ll share your passions. The Guilfordian is a great way to share your enthusiasm and passion for your interests. Whether you’re a writer, section editor or columnist, you can bring attention to what you enjoy.
    6. You’ll make memories. Not only can you make friends at the Guilfordian, but you can also make great memories. Whether you’re rolling around the room in wheely chairs after the weekly roundtable in the Guilfordian headquarters, engaging in witty banter at pitch meetings, giving holiday gifts or staying for late ed board meetings, The Guilfordian will always give you fun (and funny!) memories to look back on. 
    7. You’ll gain some interdisciplinary knowledge. The Guilfordian is a great way to learn and build skills you might not have otherwise considered. Whether you’re taking photos, editing or serving in any other position, working for The Guilfordian will lead you to places you don’t expect.
    8. You could get recognition for your work. Every year, The Guilfordian enters some of its best articles, photos, illustrations and other work into a statewide media competition. With hard work and dedication, you might be able to add an impressive award to your résumé.
    9. You’ll get to know Guilford’s campus.  Especially for newer students, working for the paper will help you get a clearer picture of Guilford’s campus, including its character and layout. You’ll know who runs what on campus and where they are.
    10. You’ll have the chance to inform, entertain and educate others. Every week, readers scroll through The Guilfordian’s website to read stories written by students. It’s important to remember that every story, from an informative news piece to a witty, funny feature, can have an impact on a student or faculty member. You never know the difference an article could make, and when you join The Guilfordian, you’ll have a chance to see the paper’s impact in action.

If you are interested in joining The Guilfordian, contact the editor-in-chief, Calley Hull ([email protected]) for details. We look forward to seeing you next year!