The future of gaming consoles is here: the PS5

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The upcoming holiday season leaves many facing the difficult decision of what gifts to buy.  The Playstation and the Xbox are seasoned candidates on many lists, both boasting high sales during the holiday season. Since its official release, the ninth-generation console has become difficult to purchase, as it is in low stock all across the country. However, stock is expected to increase, and many will be able to buy the console in the upcoming months.

The new Playstation boasts specs which have not been seen in previous models, with the new console advertising a built-in SSD for faster load times. The system contains improved hardware, and new technologies such as ray tracing are being used, allowing for more realistic graphics with better display of shadows and lighting. With upgrades such as more memory and a graphics card equivalent to a Desktop RTX 2080 Super, enthusiasts can expect a gaming experience significantly better than the previous generation’s PS4. 

More importantly, Sony has also released a new line of accessories such as the new DualSense 5 controller and the Pulse 3D headphones, which feature a new and improved design mimicking the style of the PS5. The console will be available in two versions: one including the option of an optical disk drive, and the other only supporting downloadable content.

My experience with the console itself was amazing. It had a familiar user interface from the previous generation, and Sony has streamlined the software experience and allowed for games to be presented when the console was first launched.

Additionally, the console came with a built in game called “Astro’s Playroom,” which allows users to test the maximum capabilities of the new controller. The new controller is comfortable in the hand and comes with its own sound effects and new vibrations. This makes games such as “Astro’s Playroom” enjoyable and helps display how much the controller plays a part in the gaming experience. 

The most distinguishing and exciting feature in the PS5 is ray tracing, which provides an amazing experience where shadows and light reflections look beautiful. Games such as “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” and “Fortnite” take advantage of this ray tracing and provide stunning visuals that look realistic, leading to an overall better graphic experience. Combined with a high quality display, users can expect to fully enjoy the graphic power of the console. 

Despite all of the new and exciting features of the Playstation, there are some clear flaws. Even though the Playstation comes with a futuristic design, this is often overlooked due to its size, which often makes it hard to handle and set up. Another major concern is the storage, which is far too low for the 825gb model. Buyers should consider purchasing the optical drive model, which contains more storage capacity. 

I also experienced issues with backwards compatibility support. I learned that the PS5 lacks support for games available on the PS3 and PS2. The console also has issues with cloud save, where games played on the PS4 will sometimes not easily transfer over to the PS5 with saved game data. My experiences with using cloud save have been hit-or-miss and sometimes might not work properly.

Game manufacturers have also released interesting titles in coordination with Sony’s release. Games such as “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War,” “Dead by Daylight,” “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” and others have been released, which all take advantage of the PS5’s ray tracing technology. These games are new releases and some are included with the PS5. I personally enjoyed the new “Call of Duty” and “Assassin’s Creed” games. They provide new storylines and superior graphics, making for an excellent overall gaming experience.

The new PS5 is a good purchase for anyone looking to buy a console, since it provides a drastically better gaming experience with the newest technology available in the gaming world. However, as of right now, securing one will be hard due to limited stock. Potential buyers should wait until the New Year to avoid buying at inflated prices often seen on Ebay and other sites.