Tents add new level of comfort to Hege Library


We’ve all been there before: long nights studying for tomorrow’s exam, spending hours trying to understand a concept for class, getting frustrated while writing an essay about a topic that makes absolutely no sense or being so incredibly overwhelmed with work that you just need a break.

You get the idea.

In these situations we find ourselves seeking a place to study or cool off to minimize our stress. The Hege Library, a quiet space full of resources and study areas, is the perfect place for students and faculty alike. With it’s countless books, useful technology, and even an art gallery, Hege has transcended its purpose as a library and has become a popular shared community space at Guilford. The recent addtion of hammocks and tents enhances the welcoming atmosphere of Hege, and makes students feel more at home here at Guilford.

Since I first heard of the tents a few weeks ago, my curiosity got the best of me; I met up with a few of my friends and decided that we should have a study session in one of the tents. Upon arriving, I saw a pile of sticks that confused me greatly, three large tents (one of which was already occupied), and an assortment of camping materials inside the tents. Tables made of logs, photos of the Guilford woods, hanging lanterns, picnic baskets and lots of soft pillows filled the tents, making the area’s atmosphere all the more enticing. The setup was cute and serene, and I managed to study productively for an hour or so. However, this relaxing environment is a strong contrast to what’s been happening to other student areas here at Guilford.

In the past few months, popular student areas such as the Hut, and more notably the Greenleaf, have been shut down. Removing these areas has left Guilford students with fewer places to loosen up. Without these staples of the Guilford College experience, and with the constant renovations across campus that seem to be going on forever, Guilford is losing some of its sense of community. Although the tents in the library can’t fill the void left by the absence of the Greenleaf, they are a step in the right direction.

The tents not only bring a sense of liveliness to Hege, but they represent an effort to make the Guilford experience more welcoming after so much loss from the beloved Greenleaf. Creating a safe and vibrant environment on campus is especially important for first-years; the first year of college can be tough and lonely, so having an area to relax and meet new people is always helpful. Even though the tents can’t possibly top all of the memories and good times associated with the Greenleaf, they are a great addition to the Hege Library that can make studying less stressful while also becoming an area for everyone at Guilford to sit back and unwind.

A small addition to the Guilford campus, these tents are a neat new space for students to study, forget the stresses of college, or mingle. The tents are a great use of open space in the Hege library, adding a quirky new quality to Guilford.