Groot, the hero of Guardians of the Galaxy


Before the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, some skeptics doubted that the sequel could make a successful impact in the world of superhero movies. The movie went on to earn over $300 billion to date, making it another force to be reckoned with in the Disney Marvel wheelhouse of epic movies. While many can agree that its success hinged on the collaborative efforts of the unique cast of characters, there is one hero in the movie who stands out above all others: baby Groot.

  1. It isn’t too difficult for one to identify a moment where official and honorary members of the Guardians of the Galaxy made a significant impact to the overall fame and success of the team. Rocket was merciless in his one-man assault on Yondu’s army as they descended on what they thought was the Guardians camp in the woods. Drax made a death-defying attempt to kill the atrocious interdimensional worm beast by lunging himself into the bowels of its belly with the intent on killing from the inside. While the act was absurd, it was truly an unselfish act of self-sacrifice. Even Yondu’s stand against his Ravager Clan which led to a mutiny against him was impressive. But it was baby Groot, who did what no superhero has ever done before. He opened the movie with a well-choreographed dance number to Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky” that laid the backdrop for the epic fight scene of the Guardians against the worm. A scene many critics have dubbed “the most joyous opening scenes in years” according to the Chicago Tribune.
  2. Baby Groot survives a merciless pounding from Taserface’s newly acquired army despite being drowned by a waterfall of urine colored drink, being stomped, kicked and verbally abused. He then proceeds to set out to find Yondu’s fin so that the fallen captain and Rocket could escape their steel prison. Even though he eventually needed help to bring the fin to his friends, he didn’t back down and managed to acquire some pretty unique items like a severed toe, a mechanical eye and Yondu’s dirty underwear. Not to mention that during the escape he flings a guy off a bridge, sending him plummeting head-first to his death.
  3. And we can’t forget that it was Groot who successfully planted and activated the nuclear bomb in Ego’s core. This led to his ultimate demise despite multiple failed demonstrations to Rocket where he kept selecting the wrong button. Nevertheless, he didn’t cause the death of the Guardians like Rocket predicted he would.
  4. We also must not underestimate baby Groot based on his lineage alone, which lands him in the “nearly impossible to destroy” category. Groot is a Flora colossus from Planet X who was exiled from his people because he killed a sapling to protect a maintenance mammal. Groot is able to regenerate from a sliver, grow at the speed of his choosing, self-sustain on his own leaves, stretch his body to unprecedented lengths and has the power to control other plant life.
  5. The crowning glory of baby Groot, above all else, is his ability to have an in-depth complex conversation, with three simple words, “I am Groot.”

Baby Groot, it is because of these reasons and more that we salute you!