Letter to the editor: Smart partying 101

1. Know the rules: First and foremost, know what can get you into trouble and what cannot. The student handbook is easily and conveniently available online.

2. Be aware of your surroundings: There is a time and a place for tomfoolery. Dancing naked with a bottle of jack in front of Public Safety is not one of them.

3. Know your limits: As cool as it sounds and as low as your inhibitions can drop, chugging full bottles of liquor is both dangerous and expensive, let alone will almost always result in vomiting. Save your money, drink a fair amount, wait an hour- if you still feel the need to have another drink afterwards you can treat yourself because you waited a responsible amount of time.

4. Do not take risks: Find out about a last-minute party off campus after pregaming? Find a sober driver. “But it’s just down the street, what’s the worst that could happen?” Put your keys down … it ain’t worth it.

5. Respect your hosts: If people are so kind enough as to host a gathering for you and your intoxicated friends, abide by their rules. It isn’t just a walk in the park for them; there is rule- enforcement to be monitored, guests to take care of, property to maintain, and trash to clean up. Do them the favor and respect in return for providing a party location by obeying theirs and Guilford’s rules; keep your friends in check, don’t break items, and if you bring something there, dispose of it yourself.

6. Respect your environment: If you drink a six-pack, you should leave with six containers and dispose of them in the proper receptacle, not drop them around a lawn or strategically place them around a living room.

7. Respect your community: Guilford College is a family. Treat each other with the upmost respect. We all have each other’s backs. Remember to ask for consent; it is respectful, safe and easy to do.

8. Respect yourselves: Take care of your health and your body. Make good decisions. Be responsible.

9. Buddy system: If you didn’t mean to get as drunk as you did or even if you planned on it, have a friend help you home as needed. If you ask someone for help and they say no then I would second-guess calling them a friend.

10. Abide by the system: Encompass all of these guidelines into your partying routine. We all want to have a good time on the weekends but it just takes a few people to disregard these things to ruin a good time for many. As a community let’s help one another to follow these 10 rules and let’s see what kind of fun we can muster up!