Staff Editorial: The Guilfordian has entered the 21st Century

The end of summer is upon us!  Our lazy afternoons of sunning in the quad are being cruelly replaced by entire days spent under the fluorescent lights of the library.

Like moths to the proverbial flame, we turn to our computer screens for comfort and entertainment. Let the Guilfordian be your bright light in a world of encroaching darkness.

The Guilfordian has completed its transformation into a fully fledged creature of the 21st century.  You can now view the entire print edition online, as well as access material that is not found in the weekly paper. Social media have also increased the paper’s visibility and broadened the scope of its audience.

Killing time on Facebook but looking for something more interesting than your friends’ mundane statuses and pictures?  “Like” the Guilfordian and let your mini-feed blossom into a garden of news and photos. We’ve recently uploaded photos of the Democratic National Convention to the Facebook page and hope to post regularly updated election coverage online.

When you grow weary of browsing YouTube videos of adorable baby animals or weird European bands, check out the work of the video department, which boasts a bustling staff of nine.  They hope to tackle a wide range of topics, from student activities and events to diversity on campus, and plan to have their first video up within the next two weeks.

Interested in reading an advice column, a campus fashion blog, or student-written album reviews? Keep your eyes peeled for Web-exclusive content at

Guilford’s new online social justice section is looking for guest writers to cover topics they feel passionate about. Feeling fiery about an on- or off-campus issue? Want to get to know the Greensboro community better? The Guilco SoJo blog might be the place for you. Take a peek at

As the leaves begin to turn and our backpacks grow heavier, don’t despair!  The Guilfordian is here to fill your days and nights with digitally delivered reporting and merriment.