Fall semester sees multiple sudden leadership changes

Shortly before the end of the fall semester, Assistant Dean of Students Jen Agor and Director of Student Judicial Affairs Sandra Bowles left Guilford College. Staff sources indicate that they were let go.

Earlier this semester, Director of Public Safety Ron Stowe was removed from his position because of a Facebook post he made on Feb. 4. The post was a picture that read, “Some people just need a hug … around the neck … with a rope.”

Dean of Students Todd Clark alerted students, faculty and staff of this on Dec. 5 via email.

“Upon learning of the post, we investigated the matter and concluded it was appropriate to make a change in that position,” said Clark.

Although resident advisors and some faculty and staff have been told about Agor and Bowles’ departures, the College has not sent an email telling the students or other members of the community or explaining why they left.

“I can’t comment on the nature of personnel matters, but can say that we will be reviewing our staff positions to make sure we are providing the best student experience possible at Guilford,” said Clark.