Annual Haunted Gallery spooks students


Darion Bayle

(Top, left to right) Nick Eckstein ’17, Kyle Bias ’17, Kelly Martin ’18, (Bottom, left to right) Jeannine Harrell ’17, Kayli Reyna ’18 and Darion Bayles ’17 pose in front of Founders Hall prior to the Haunted Gallery event that took place this past Friday, Oct. 20.

Spooky spaces with blood-oozing characters sent people running for their lives out of the East Gallery in Founders Hall.

On the seemingly ordinary night of Oct. 20, the Campus Activities Board and residence advisors at Guilford College transformed the East Gallery in Founders Hall into a haunted house full of scary scenes for two hours.

The East Gallery was separated into six rooms with different themes to bring to life traditional and non-traditional campfire stories.

By separating the gallery with plastic walls, the six rooms featured different spooky themes like a doll house, carnival, asylum, hospital and house.

With unnerving screams and hollers, the tour guide would instill fear and alertness in all attendees.

“My heart was definitely beating,” said sophomore Elias Smolcic-Larson.

It took around 2 1/2 minutes for each group to go through the six rooms and experience the many scares.

During the two hours, around 100 people went through the Haunted Gallery in Founders Hall, representing the event’s success.

This is the second year that this event happened. It moved from being only a hallway to the entire East Gallery.

“It was scary,” said sophomore Farhad Walizai. “Very well developed.”

The Haunted Gallery owes its inception to senior Kyle Bias.

“The last five or so years, my family and I have done it back home,” said Bias. “We did a haunted trail through our backyard. Unfortunately, they moved away, so I decided (to) bring it to school.”

According to Bias, this year, they had double the people helping out on this event and three to four times the budget of last year. This year’s increase in size and budget was due to the success of last year.

With Bias graduating this year, he hopes there will be another haunted gallery next year, but does know who is going to lead it.

“If I’m in the area, I’m definitely willing to come help out,” said Bias. “Hopefully, it happens next year because it’s been a really big success so far.”

Everyone is anticipating Halloween this Monday. For those who attended the Haunted Gallery, Halloween came early.

Beware. Be safe. Embrace the scare.