KevoBeats: wrapping by day, making beats by night

“In my free time, I’m at The Grill,” said Kevin Otutuloro in an email interview, better known as Kevin from the Grill. “My real job starts as soon as I leave campus.”

Kevin is more than just your ordinary wrap maker. Students usually see Grill workers as robots whose lives revolve around making sandwiches and smoothies, but there’s more to them and Kevin than meets the eye.

Kevin has worked at The Grill since September 2011 and credits his friend KP for his introduction to Guilford.

“I only knew about Guilford because my friend KP told me that there were job openings,” said Kevin.

“Kevin is great at making wraps,” said first-year Liliana Bernhardt. “He’s really social, and I always have conversations with him when I order my food.”

Kevin attributes his wrap making skills to the competitive nature of The Grill’s staff.

“If it wasn’t for my co-workers, The Dutch and Mecah, I wouldn’t be as good as I am,” said Kevin. “It was a constant competition to be wrap-master last year. This year I’m just clearly unstoppable. Stop by The Grill for a box. They’re great.”

However, Kevin is not only known for making wraps.

Kevin often refers to himself by his stage name KevoBeats and has been making beats since 2002 when he was a freshman in high school.

“Kevo got the name KevoBeats because it is his music persona,” said junior C.J. Green in an email interview.

Green met Kevin at the Grill and has worked with him on tracks.

“I remember he always talked about video games and tried to challenge me in ‘Marvel vs. Capcom,’” said Green. “I usually go over to Grill Boy’s house and play him or help with the beats.”

“I’ve listened to his music occasionally after he told me that he was a music producer,” said first-year Dina Rasul. “I follow him on Twitter, and I check out his new music whenever he tweets about it.”

Kevin puts a lot of energy into his music career.

“I usually give Kevo a sample or a song and he chops it up, then we engineer some dopeness,” said Green. “The song ‘Warrior’ we did was just a beat he made for me to use for myself.

“Linking up with Kevo really adds some creativity to my work. He provides some unique beats and forces me to think outside of the box in order to produce a song.”

When Kevin is not making beats or wraps, he skateboards.

“Kevin is an outstanding skater,” said first-year Sherod Johnson. “He’s pretty much my idol when it comes to skating. I see him skating behind the Alumni Gym on the basketball court. He could be sponsored. He’s that good.”

We may seldom see him outside of The Grill, but it is clear that Kevin is talented beyond the world of wrap-making.

“My plans for the future include making more dope beats,” said Kevin. “Peep my sounds at Thanks for listening.”

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