Wayne Abraham

(Yes! Weekly)

(Yes! Weekly)

Wayne Abraham

Age: 52

Party: Democrat

Lived in Greensboro: 34 years

Incumbent or challenger: Challenger

What is your position on the White Street Landfill?

Abraham believes the White Street Landfill “should stay closed.” In the short term, Greensboro should accept an offer with our current provider that lowers the cost. In the long term, the city council should negotiate to be part of a regional landfill in Randolph County and “work hard to increase (our) recycling rate,” reducing the cost of hauling waste as well as earning additional money for the city on the items we recycle. He said that in the future, Greensboro should explore waste to energy solutions, if possible.

What is your plan for economic progress in Greensboro?

Abraham has created a four step economic plan:

1. Create a Buy Local campaign.

2. Implement the Sustainability Action plan that the Sustainability Committee put together, which would create green jobs.

3. Restore infrastructure spending, Greensboro is underfunding water, road and park maintenance.

4. Restore and increase fund for Economic Development Alliance, which would help market Greensboro to businesses and facilitate Triad Intern to foster engagement by helping college students get internships and jobs.

How do you plan to reach out to college students to get them more involved with civic life?

In addition to Triad Intern, participatory budgeting would help college students become more involved, according to Abraham. This would entail dividing one percent of the city’s budget, about 4,500,000, between the 5 districts. “Everyone in the area, including the students, could decide” how to use the money.

What changes do you want to see in the city during your time in office?

“(I want to) put us back on track for maintaining our infrastructure, because that’s our quality of life.” He would also like to “restore good relations between everyone in Greensboro.” Finally, speakers of the floor should be moved back to the beginning of the meeting.