Quakers dominate Greensboro College 27-7 to win 15th annual Soup Bowl


(Zachary Morgan)

       The old adage “a win is a win” is used to teach and also to keep a team grounded. But when that team has not tasted the thrill of victory in more than 10 games, that win means much more. 

         Jamieson Stadium played host to the 15th annual Soup Bowl, Saturday, Sept. 3. On a 90 degree afternoon that saw 1,100 fans shading themselves from the sun with umbrellas, the temperature on the field was even hotter. Cheers of support bellowed throughout the old stadium as the Quakers took center stage and grabbed their first win of the season, 27-7, over Greensboro College. 

         As both teams experienced first game jitters and the sparring-type play that occurs when attempting to feel out the opponent, the first quarter ended just as it began: scoreless. But as the second quarter was under way, so was the scoring.  

        “Guilford College came ready to play today, and we did not, and it showed,” said Greensboro College Head Coach Dr. Randy Hunt. “They are a well coached bunch. A couple of key plays made the difference today, but again I could tell they were ready to play.” 

        First-year running back Josh Williams capped off a five play drive by powering his way into the end zone for the first score of the game, with seven minutes and 20 seconds remaining in the first half. After watching the defense as they performed another stellar series, the offense returned to the field. 

        In a quick snap of the wrist, sophomore quarterback Zac Halbert connected with junior and wide receiver Ben King. King did the rest as he galloped in for the 69-yard score, building the lead to 14-0 just before halftime.

        The third quarter began, and the Quakers picked up where they left off in the first half. At the 5:40 mark of the third quarter, King (10 receptions-187 yards-2 TD) accepted the Halbert offering, and 41 yards later found himself in the end zone for with his second touchdown of the day.

        The Quakers would score once more as Halbert uncorked a Ben Roethlisberger-like pump fake that froze the Storm defense and allowed sophomore and wide receiver Lawrence Blake to slip behind the statues of players en route to a 40 yard score and a final score of 27-7.

        “Wonderful game,” said Waldon Hinshaw ‘81. “After last year’s winless season, this was a great win for Guilford.”

        “This was a great win and the first for me in a college experience,” said Defensive Backs Coach Marty Collinson. “It was a total team effort. We got rolling there in the second quarter and things came together. It is wonderful to see the domination on both sides of the ball. I am so proud of our men.” 

        The Quakers won the game, and the can food drive, which collected 6,398 cans of food – 1,100 from the football team alone – returned all Soup Bowl honors back to Guilford College. Guilford now leads the Soup Bowl series 8-7. A victory should also be noted for the Greensboro Urban Ministry and the Second Harvest Food Bank as they can fill their shelves with the cans and help families that are in need. The Rusiewicz ideology can be seen even early-on from the fans. 

        “Coach Rusiewicz seems to really have made a very positive impact on the kids and it shows,” said Tammi Hinshaw. “Education is being stressed in the classroom and discipline on the field.  Great, great win.”