Redbox the one night wonder

A red box that has turned the movie rental business upside down continues to build its empire. Redbox is the sleek, cheap new way to rent movies, and soon it might be the only way to rent movies. The Blockbusters’ and Hollywood Videos’ of the world are dwindling due to this influential machine.

So why even go to the movies anymore when you could wait and rent the movie from Redbox for only a $1? The whole concept of the box is outstanding. Now, Blockbuster even has a blue box mimicking the Redbox sensation.

Redbox, the popular $1 movie rental can be found in many locations around Greensboro. Within walking distance there is a Redbox located at the Harris Teeter across Friendly Avenue as well as CVS. There are over twenty Redbox locations within five miles of Guilford College.

Redbox first launched in 2002 at a McDonald’s in Denver, Colo. In 2004, Redbox branched out to a “full-market test at McDonald’s restaurants in Denver, Colo.,” according to

In 2009, Redbox expanded to more than 19,000 locations. Now in 2011 there are more than 24,000 Redbox machines all over the United States. The rapid growth of this refrigerator-sized entertainment center is remarkable.

Held within the red metal frame is a mixture of movie magic for all ages. Regular DVD rentals, Blue-ray movies and video games can be retrieved from the box 24-hours a day. The box holds up to 200 titles according to

With a touch screen access located on the front of the box it is easy to pick a movie from your favorite genre, top movie picks, or classic movies. Promotions are available if you sign up for a Redbox account, which costs nothing, but saves you money with free rental nights.

If you are a movie fanatic then you would be delighted to know that you can rent your movies ahead of time online at If you are technologically savvy then you can also access the Redbox application on your iPod. You can also view the newest releases and what will be at Redbox the next week.

Every week the Redbox is updated with new releases. This week some of the new releases are Country Strong, Hereafter and Tron Legacy. Next week Redbox will be featuring The King’s Speech, Black Swan and Yogi Bear.

Returning your Redbox always has to be the next day by 9 p.m. and if it is late then there is another $1 charged to your account. Returning movies is just as simple as renting them. Click the return button and slide your DVD rental back in the same slot that you retrieved it from.

Look for the tall rectangular Redbox nearest you and you will not be disappointed. If the Redbox is located inside of a retail store then I am sure the typical salty and sweet treats are nearby. Be sure to pick up a bag of popcorn and a box of candy to top off your Redbox movie night.