New Republican hero steps into the spotlight


(Jonathon Smith)

A new Republican candidate has entered the scene, causing many people to consider him the forerunner of candidates for the upcoming Republican primaries. Woodrow Davis is likely the most well-known and liked candidate of all the nomination hopefuls.

Davis has been hailed a “modern-day rugged individualist” and an “all-American man” by CNN, which also points out the candidate’s relative political correctness — despite being one of today’s most well-known examples of “Old West” culture which has historically promoted prejudice — in comparison with his counterparts, who have been accused of racism, sexism, and homophobia in varying degrees.

However, it seems Davis already has a supportive, close-knit, and diverse group of campaign workers backing him, many of whom have been with him since the beginning of his political involvement as mayor of Mesa, Ariz.

“The dynamic of this group is inspiring,” said Russell Pearce to The New American. “They are honestly like family. They’ve had their skirmishes in the past, but continue to be supportive, listen to one another’s ideas, and work through the conflict. They are all very supportive of Davis.”

According to CNN, Davis and his right-hand man once campaigned against one another for governor, but Buster Liteyer chose to drop out and will almost certainly be Davis’ vice president.

“This town really is big enough for the both of us,” said Woodrow at the time of the election.

“Despite many seeing a united front between the two, it is possible that there is still some competition between them,” said Associate Professor of Political Science Kyle Dell. “It will be interesting to see how this pans out.”

Many who are not associated with the Republican Party have shown support for Davis’ campaign, according to The Huffington Post. His dedication, fairness, and compassion for the “underdog” are appealing on their own, but even more impressive is his dedication to putting his values into action.

Davis has been hailed as a hero and a voice for those who do not have a voice. He has remained popular with the public despite controversy, primarily because of his courage and morality. These characteristics are more than his public persona, he has proved his courage many times over.

According to CNN, Davis and some of his companions were held hostage in 1995 by Sid Phillips, an emotionally disturbed individual who fancied himself an amateur surgeon. Thanks to the quick thinking and determination of Davis, his companions and other hostages were able to escape and Phillips ended his surgical days.

Davis’ “rugged individualist” characteristics are shown in his courage as well as his strong desire for success. When asked why he aspires to run for president, Davis replied that he always felt he should “reach for the sky.”

This incident is just one of many heroic acts by Davis. With a track record like this, it’s no surprise that so many consider “Woody” a prime candidate for the Republican primaries. Potential VP Liteyer believes the campaign will go “to infinity and beyond.”