Letter to the Editor from WQFS

Due to the general dissatisfaction concerning CAB’s choice of Serendipity artists and the deeper conflict with Guilford’s values, we, as managers of WQFS, feel compelled to respond. In the mediated discussion concerning Mickey Avalon, members of CAB defended their choice by saying that they had no outside help with selecting or booking bands. This is not true. Several members of the WQFS management sent lists of possible artists to CAB multiple times. These lists were detailed, including descriptions of bands, rankings on WQFS charts, first names and phone numbers. We suggested well over 50 artists of many genres, both local and touring, all of which were well-received on the radio. WQFS members were also willing to participate in CAB meetings, and facilitate roundtable discussion. We would like to make it clear that WQFS has no intention of undermining CAB or usurping their duties, but we were eager to participate and assist in the selection of artists, as we specialize in music and shows. Our offers of help seemed to be well-received, but the artists we suggested were not contacted. Prior to his booking, a member of our management told CAB that, in no uncertain terms, Mickey Avalon was too offensive, not to mention unnecessarily expensive. For the same amount of money, CAB could have booked several artists which would have contradicted the values of the college.

Serendipity is an event that is important to the community and we are concerned about its future. We feel that it’s important to have greater sensitivity to student input and concerns, so as not to jeopardize this tradition. In the future we hope that WQFS’ suggestions will be genuinely considered, as WQFS is a valid resource to utilize in concert planning.


Beth Bass, General Manager and Andy Freedman, Head Music Director