your latest issue

hi,ok, a few things with your latest issue. you need to pull that sex column, like NOW. this guy sounds way creepy and gross and this is just totally unnecessary and doesn’t really add to the integrity of this already shaky paper. cut him and make him write a real article.
fuck that girl at rutgers. i am so tired of that whiny conservative bullshit. liberals may be bleeding hearts but at least they don’t complain when everyone doesn’t agree with them. can’t she be happy that almost a majority of america’s gap-toothed, landlocked, WASP retards voted for that asshole? i guess that’s why he appeals to her, he’s a douche. most educators are liberal, it’s true, b/c conservatism is fucking stupid and really only for rich white people. there, i said it. don’t print stuff like this anymore, please.
fuck football. why the fuck do we even have a football team? that shit sucks. athletics are dumb and don’t improve our school really at all. we need to divert funds AWAY from football and maybe more towards an elevator in a dorm or fixing the streets or lowering tuition or feeding hungry people. we should also stop giving so much money to fucking BOWLING CLUB. THIS IS A SCAM FOR STUPID FRAT/NONFRAT/LAME HIPPIES/WHITE PEOPLE WITH DREDS COLLEGE STUDENTS TO GET DRUNK. FUCK BOWLING CLUB. FUCK CIRCUS CLUB. aids about aids has like 20 bucks in their budget for the fiscal year. that is bullshit.
the bookstore does NOT buy back books for 50% of the sale price. that is a LIE. a complete LIE. they buy your books for like 5 and 6 dollars apiece. FUCK that. i can buy the same books online for like 80% less than at the bookstore, really.
you should’ve printed the rest of the bryan lecture series schedule in your issue since you complained about no one going.
most of the other stuff was good. stop having a sports section, you didn’t write about the 30th anniversiary of the woolworth sit-ins did you? i might’ve missed it. if you didn’t, you should’ve. did you do anything for MLK day? see, you’re slipping. that guy’s sex column was WAY too long, also. print this, really.