Quit Yer Whining

Guilford is apathetic. We all know that.
Seems like we bitch a whole lot but rarely do much about anything. And while I suppose it’s good that we recognize the problems and issues, we certainly won’t solve them by complaining.
Thing is, we forget this. We get caught up in the problems and neglect the solutions.

I’m guilty of this too, mind you, and I think most of us are.
Case in point.

Two weeks ago, a forum article in The Guilfordian requested that “War Coverage … Report All Sides.” The article discussed the one-sidedness of a series of news briefs that, he said, presented only the Pentagon’s view of war.

I am the author of those briefs, and I wish to respond.
First, I agree. They do not present all sides, nor quote all sources. My apologies. I intended merely to get some news into the infamously ignorant Guilford bubble.

I chose to cover the top stories of that week. That was my criteria. And as a cynic (at best) of the Pentagon, I strove to include official bits I found ridiculous.

That sarcasm however, was lost somewhere, and I probably shouldn’t have relied on it.
The problem isn’t rooted in The Guilfordian – though if we aren’t covering news well enough, I invite you to contribute. The problem lies deeper than that.

As the clich goes, we must “be the change we wish to create.” Not bitch the change, but be it.

The beauty of our First Amendment is that we’re all free to express our opinions. If we don’t wield that right, we are hardly fit to complain about it.

So this is my request. Please, if you feel strongly, act. Do not merely discuss, protest, or even agitate. Do something, anything, everything, as long as you believe in what you are doing.
Inertia may well be the strongest force, but once the object’s in motion, it tends to stay in motion.

Apathy has no place here. If you seek change, it is up to you to create it.