Senate Treas. Reminds Club Leaders: Club Budgets due April 2

Dear Student Leaders:It’s that time of year when the Senate Budget Committee allocates the student activity fee money to clubs and organizations. If you are a new club, ICC must have approved you before these hearings. The contact for ICC is Steven Wheeler.
For next year, there will be a greater pool of money to draw from. This year it was approximately $300,000 and for next year it will be close to $320,000. I expect there to be close to 50 clubs that will have a budget next year. The Treasurer Handbook states that Senate does not have to allocate money to more than 50 clubs and suggests that it does not try. I will try and stick to this so that the clubs that have been spending their money responsibly get the amount they deserve. I believe in quality, not quantity.
As for how things will go this year: budget hearings will take place Friday April 4 and Saturday April 5. I will place the sign-up sheet outside of the Senate office door very soon. It is mandatory that each club that requests a budget sign up for a time and show up at that designated time. If a club is late, does not show up, or does not complete the necessary paperwork, it will not receive a budget for the next fiscal school year.
Attached to an e-mail I sent out is an Excel spreadsheet titled “Budget Request.” Please fill this out completely and correctly so that things will run smoother for Budget Hearings. You may type in all the information or print it out and fill it in. The only request I have for you is to make sure you have a hard copy for Budget Committee to review. These forms will be due Wednesday (April 2) at 5 p.m. Please place them in my folder or slide it under the door. Remember that if the form is late, your club will not receive a budget for the beginning of next year.
Remember to fill in the 2003-2004 Treasurer’s contact information on the first excel worksheet titled “Information”.
For the Fall and Spring semesters, describe the event or contract, describe the expense, state the amount you need (please be accurate) in the Requested column, fill in the corresponding account number for the expense, and the write- in event total.
At the bottom of the Fall and Spring semester worksheets, please total all events in the Requested cell.
As for the Summer worksheet, do not worry about it unless you have operation expenses over the summer (i.e., salaries and wages).
Lastly, do not forget the “Totals” worksheet. Be sure to total each line item account from the other worksheets and place them under the Requested column. Also place the entire amount your club is requesting in the Grand Total section under the Requested cell.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this process. I do have office hours and I do take appointments. I also realize I may not have everyone’s e-mail, so if you get this and you know someone that needs it but has not received this information, please forward it along. Thank you for all of your hard work this year. My committee and I look forward to meeting with you.

Bryant Garnes
Senate Treasurer 2002-2003
[email protected]